MCO Survey
Dear Parents,

The past few weeks have been something that we never anticipated nor experienced. We understand how difficult it is for parents to juggle between work and taking care of their children simultaneously while being confined at home.

We want to thank parents for the time they used to carry out suggested worksheets as well as other activities and continue to support children's learning at home.

We would like your feedback in regards to the recent disruption of our preschool hours as well as your ideas and comments on your child's school activities in the coming days. We would appreciate your kind feedback to the survey questionnaire via this link:

This survey will ends on the 30 April 2020.
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Parent's Feedback
We appreciate your feedback. Please tick and let us know your thoughts on the question below:
1. Eversince the MCO closure, I think the additional worksheet provided by Montessori Playhouse has been sufficient for my child's academic needs. *
2. I think the teachers at Montessori Playhouse should provide additional online classes (even if it is a short session) to touch base and interact with my child. *
3. As a parent, I am fine with Montessori Playhouse providing replacement classes during school holidays after MCO is lifted. *
4. If the MCO is extended, I would want my child to participate in online based activities with assigned worksheets, assessment and some other activities such as singing, arts etc. *
5. I would prefer Montessori Playhouse to change their settings from offline (manual classroom) teaching to an online based class in the future because I think COVID-19 will be a year long pandemic. *
6. I don't mind paying the same monthly school fees even if the classes is conducted online (*shorter session/1-hour) with assessments, homework and report. *
7. Once the MCO is lifted, I will allow my child to participate in the year end (Oct/Nov) concert and other school based activities such as day trip. *
Thank you for your feedback. Please state additional ideas, comments or improvements for our school that you think will help in the academic needs of your child.
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