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Designed by Luna Ramos and Julia Rodriguez


For the benches, the seat should be about 18 inches high and the depth should be about 18 inches deep. The full structure/planter should be around 40 inches tall(3/4 feet).

Materials / Colors

The materials and color of the planter will be a gray-ish stone for the base with metal handles/armrests.

Our Inspiration

We first started gaining inspiration when senior citizens came in to offer advice in regards to their needs. When we were put into groups to start brainstorming, we started talking about designs. We noticed similarities between our ideas, so we began to work together. We started to talk about how our design looked like a cake. We chose to run off of that; building into a bench design with multiple layers that had planters and seating incorporated into it.

What Problems Our Design Solves

As stated before, we focused on making our design accessible to all. This meant that our designs were centered around senior accessibility. We wanted to also make them convenient for other age groups/people. Making the park multiuse was a huge factor that we wanted to focus on, afterall, not just skaters would be using this park. So, by mixing planters and seating we could also use our design for another purpose, like a divider in the park between the skaters and those who just wanted to sit and relax.

Functionality of Our Design

Firstly, our design focuses on the comfortability/accessibility of seating for senior citizens. We've added armrests to support the seniors when sitting down or getting up and a curved (S like shape) backrest to help support their back and posture. Secondly, for water filtration we added small drainage holes along the bottom of the planter. They allow the water to drain slowly so that the plants stay hydrated and don't overflow.

Some questions you may have:

Why is there a smaller box between the seating in the original sketches?

The smaller planter allows for shorter people to reach into the planter with less effort, they also give an opportunity to plant a variety of vegetation/greenery. However, it would be tricky because it isn’t very practical when thinking about traditional everyday use, so we scrapped the idea.

What are those hooks in the drawings for?

Hooks were going to be added onto the side of the original planter extension. These hooks would make it easier to hang up bags while not taking up seating space in the process. We ended up scrapping it because it would be difficult to 3D print as well as manufacture. Also, the proportions of the planter in comparison to the size of the hooks wouldn't work for hanging things as we intended. 

What's the hole/indent in the planter?

 The hole/indent is a dual purpose seating and step up for access to the vegetation. It allows you to use it as seating but also to reach the plants comfortably(while also having the flat sides next to it for other access).

Will it be moveable with a forklift?

We plan to add a bit on the bottom of the planter, making it easier for a forklift to slip in and out. It currently isn’t implemented into the model

Scale Model
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