APA Writing Quiz
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1. Please write a full APA style reference for this academic journal article:
Author(s): Brett Wilson and Carmen Santana; Title: Professional Communication in Business; Year: 2002; Journal: Academy of Communication Studies; Volume: 52; Issue: 3; page numbers 421-433
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2. Please paraphrase this passage using 1-2 sentences and include an in-text citation using the reference information used in question #1.
The present paper attempts to investigate whether the spoken nature of e-mail messages has already started to affect business written communication. It looks at the register and context of the language and at the style used in commercial electronic mail. Sixty three business e-mail messages are analysed and later compared with forty business letters from the same company. From the analysis there emerges some evidence to suggest that electronically mediated communication is already affecting business written communication, showing a tendency towards a more flexible register. This paper also considers some of the implications that this emerging tendency in interpersonal business communication may have for materials writers, business English course designers and teachers of written communication.
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3. Choose ANY book that is not an encyclopedia. Type a full APA style reference for the book that you chose.
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4. Choose ANY book that has chapters. Type a full APA style reference for one chapter of the book.
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5. Which statement is true regarding APA style formatting?
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