Poly House Party Weekend – June 17-19
Please fill in and submit this form to tell us about your poly friendly party! Let’s have barbecues, keggers, potlucks, raves, picnics, blues dances, play parties, tantric retreats, game nights, field days, movement fundraisers, cuddle parties, fancy dinners, and more! The official weekend is June 17-19 — but that’s not required. Any date up until August 31, 2016, is okay too.

If you prefer not to have your event publicly listed, but would like us to forward people interested in an event in your area to you, instead of filling out this form, please email your details to polypartyweekend@polyadvocacy.ca
Event Name *
Please enter the event's name or a brief description of the event. For example, "Poly House Party Celebration", "Poly Speed Dating", or "Poly Beach Party and BBQ". :)
Event Date *
Please enter the event's date and the start time. June is MM 06.
City or Place *
Please enter the City or Place, and Province, of the event. To assure the confidentiality of you and your event, we recommend that you tell us the City/Place name and Province only, and require people to email you, or visit an event website, to RSVP and get the event's address.
Please enter an email address or website where people can RSVP and get the event address and any other event details. To assure confidentiality, we suggest using a non-personal email address (for example, rsvp@vanpoly.ca or mypolygroup@gmail.com) or an event system such as Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.ca) where in that event system you only put the City/Place and Province for the location. A public Facebook event where people are asked to private message the host will work as well.
Group Name
The name of the local poly or poly-friendly group that is sponsoring or hosting the local event. For example "Toronto Poly".
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