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Thank you for your interest in the Seawall Shadowship; we'd love to work with you. Please complete this form and we'll be in touch within two weeks of your submission.

About the Seawall Shadowship: We believe in creating opportunities for growth and positive exposure for students who don’t always have the social capital required to get their foot into the door of real estate companies. Because longer internships are time consuming, we launched the Seawall Shadowship Program which is designed to let high school and college students get a glimpse into the world of a socially conscious development company. Selected students will be invited to a kickoff meeting with a member of the Seawall team where they can ask questions and get a better understanding for our approach to the work we do.  After the kickoff meeting, the student will join that Seawall team member in a meeting around a topic they are interested in (could be construction, financing, leasing, accounting, community engagement, etc.). Following that meeting, the student will participate in a debrief meeting with the Seawall team member as a final chance to ask questions and discuss lessons learned. Our hope is that through this program we can access more students throughout a year and at least begin to give them a taste of what development can be when looked at differently.

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