Teacher Implementation Network (TIN) Moderator Application
MPCC project will provide stipends for 4 content area teachers to moderate an asynchronous online learning Google Community for Minnesota teachers implementing the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative (Digital) Curriculum.

The moderators will:

o Communicate with network participants generally and within specific content areas.
o Provide oversight of discussions and Q and A forums.
o Provide updates and announcements on a regular basis through the Google community.
o Summarize reviews from the piloted use of MPCC curriculum based on key topics and/or rubrics.
o Collaborate with MPCC leadership for continuing implementation, review and curation of content.
o Link key digital teaching resources to the TIN virtual community.
o Collect implementation strategies from teachers about using the curriculum.
o Moderate webinars on topics of interest to the group.
o Participate in evaluation of TIN in the spring of 2017.

Stipend for moderating in 2016-17 is $500.

The moderators will be supported by MPCC staff and consultants. Training in moderating online PLCs will be provided.

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