GiFT Family Follow Up Survey
Thanks for being a part of the GiFT Family! We want to make GiFT the best resource for families in the NICU and we need your help. Take this short anonymous survey and you can be entered to win a $20 gift card!
Which GiFT Programs did you participate in? *
What is your home zip code? *
Did your family experience financial hardships as a result of your baby being in the NICU? *
Did the support you received from GiFT help alleviate some of the financial stress your family may have experienced in the NICU? *
On a scale from 1 to 10, how important was the GiFT service to the overall health of your family? *
1 = not important at all, 10 = extremely important
What makes GiFT services important for your family? *
Did the support you received from GiFT help to reduce the overall stress you may have experienced in the NICU or during your transition to home? *
Other than GiFT, who provided additional support during the NICU hospitalization? *
Did GiFT provide support for baby's sibling(s)? *
Is there something you needed for your family that GiFT was unable to provide?
Would your family benefit from on-going support from GiFT? *
What new initiatives would you like to see GiFT develop? *
We want GiFT to be the best resource for NICU families! Please share additional comments or send your GiFT Family Liaison a love note here.
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