Tiki Oasis Car Show
Thank you for your interest in our Tiki Oasis car show.

At this time we are focusing on European/Spy cars and decked out Tiki Cars!!


Ovarell, we are interested in mostly pre-1970s vehicles BUT if you feel your ride would be perfect for the show and doesn't fit that criteria let us know! We do make exceptions if you are a match for our theme!

A few things to make note before filling out this application:
+ All exhibitors must participate: Saturday August 12th AND Sunday August 13th from 9am – 5pm
+ Exhibitor agrees to pay hotel parking fee (approx $14 per day)
+ Participation in this car show does not include any payment for exhibitor but it does include the opportunity to purchase two discount tickets to the evening events.

If you are interested in participating in the car show this year (or a future year!) please fill out the below quick survey and send a photo of your car to: tikioasisgirl@gmail.com

Please note that we have a team of 5 people that pick the final cars to be exhibited. We only allow for 30 cars so if your car doesn't make it in this year it may be considered for future events!

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