6/14/2020 UC Application Workshop
Gaining acceptance to the UCs has become increasingly challenging in recent years. This is especially true for students with an interest in STEM. Students need to demonstrate their resourcefulness, creativity, leadership, talents and resilience when applying to the UCs. This workshop will help you understand what the UCs are seeking from their applicants, and how you can set yourself apart from other students.

Location: Online live meeting
Date/Time: Sunday, June 14th, 2020, 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Fee: $50 each include video
Workshop Video only: $50
Register today: http://tiny.cc/SpringLightUC

This workshop will help you:

Understanding some of the differences among the UC campuses.
Understand what factors the UCs consider when reading an application
Learn how to calculate your UC GPA
Understand how major selection can affect your admissions chances
Understand the importance of highlighting your strengths and interests
Learn about the new UC test optional policy
Gain insight into the Personal Insight Questions (PIQs) and how to answer them in order to receive the best evaluation score.
Understand the importance of extracurricular activities
Begin selecting which PIQs to answer
Get ideas for the PIQs that you probably hadn’t thought about before

Speaker Kathy Tang, College & Career Advisor at Lynbrook High School. Kathy has frequent interaction with UC admissions officers through visits and counselor events. She has completed her certificate from the College Admissions Program at UC Berkeley Extension.

- UC各分校的区别
- 招生官怎样解读申请材料
- UC怎么计算GPA
- 专业选择对录取的影响
- 如何展示自己专长个性
- UC考试选项的新政策
- 详细解读PIQ(Personal Insight Questions)的评分
- 如何挑选PIQ,容易被忽略的PIQ
- 课外活动的重要性

讲员Kathy T老师,Lynbrook升学顾问,获得UC大学申请资质认证,熟知UC各校AO及参与UC招生办活动

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