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The process for registering and certifying vessels is following:

1. Login to the Clean Shipping Index database via ”login” on our website and fill out the questionnaire for each vessel through clicking ”Add vessel". Login details will be sent to your e-mail within short

2. If you have questions about the questionnaire, click ”download” on our website and read the publications:
• Methodology and Reporting Guidelines
• Verification Guidelines

Questions not answered by the publications can be sent to - You can also call CSI's office at +46 (0)31 796 06 40

3. Vessels will receive a CSI class when a full questionnaire is filled in and saved - Read the FAQ on our website if you want information about what CSI class can generate rebates.

4. Next step is to certify the vessel(s) in order to access rebates. Ask accredited verification companies listed under ”certification” for quotes and email when you have chosen a verifier - We will then give the verifier access to your vessels in the database

5. When the verification company has verified the answers in your questionnaire, a digital certificate is automatically generated and accessible for you in the database

• All valid certificates are synced with the Swedish Maritime Administration every 24h

Important: Login to the database and make sure that your self assessed questionnaire is aligned with the verified questionnaire

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