Second Annual Film, TV, and Games Pipeline Survey
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About this survey
2019 was the first time we sent out a survey to try and better understand the state of pipeline related technologies in our industries. The amount of interest in the survey and its results made it very apparent that there just isn't enough information out there around this critical technology. We have seen the information from the first survey used to prioritize development efforts, justify extra pipeline expenditure, and impact the decisions studios make around what technologies to invest in. Thanks to everybody who joined in on the survey and we hope you found the results interesting. We are thrilled this year to take on round two of the survey.

The abridged results from the first annual survey are available here:

We will send out this survey every year and track how our approach to these problems is changing over time.

We'll be closing the survey at the end of March. The full results of the survey (with the data anonymized and aggregated) will be shared out to everybody who replies in early April. An abridge version of the results will be shared publicly late July.

Please share the link to this survey!
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