Hutchinson Photography Club Showcase Registration
Event Timing: November 17, 2018
Critiques: Noon - 3:30pm
Dinner with Judges: 3:30pm
Awards: 4:45pm
Showcase: 5:00pm


Animals: Photographs that document wildlife in a natural environment. Photos could also be of animals/pets in a staged or natural environment.

Architecture: Photographs that capture a building or structure. This can be either interior or exterior.

Monochrome: Photographs are developed or exposed in black and white or varying tones of a single color.

Photojournalism: Photographs of people that are not posed. They capture an unplanned moment or event. These have more of a journalistic quality to them.

Floral: Photographs that display flowers found in nature. This can be in wildlife or gardens.

Landscape: Photographs that capture a scene.

Nature: Photographs taken in nature that does not fit in landscape, animals, or flowers. (Example: a leaf on a hiking trail)

Posed Portraits: Photographs that capture a person’s personality, mood, or expression. These photos have been posed and shot with a purpose. (Example: seniors, babies, families, models, etc.)

Exhibit Only : This a general category. This category will not be judged. However it will be critiqued.

Miscellaneous: Anything that does not fit in the other categories.


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