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WHAT/WHO: Presenters will discuss how higher education instructors frame "place" in their art/design classrooms and programs, as well as the responsibilities and challenges this topic brings. This event takes into consideration a variety of media and modes of making (public art, documentary work, graphic design, environmental/eco art, social practice, place-based creative collaboration, rural engagement, sound, and beyond) in relationship to teaching "place." Topics of discussion might include, but are not limited to, geographical considerations, issues of privilege and difference, plurality of histories, public engagement, intersection of curating and teaching site-specific practices, and so on.

Conference goers will be provided a printed program with contact information for all the speakers. Additionally, registrants will have time to discuss topics and questions that arise throughout the day during small group discussions after the presentations and activities.

WHEN: Saturday, June 6, 2020. Noon-6pm

WHERE: Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2501 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404; Map: https://g.page/mcadedu?share

HOW: No fee, but registration is required. Participants are encouraged to bring note-taking supplies/equipment.
Snacks/coffee/tea provided for those who register by May 6, 2020 (final day of registration).
Option to attend "Learning from Place: Bdote" for those who register by April 10, 2020. (See details in Section 2 of form)

[ Sponsored by the MCAD MFA Program - http://www.mcad-mfa.com ]
PRESS RELEASE URL: https://tinyurl.com/teach-place-pr
Social Media Hashtag: #teachingplaceconference

Questions? Please reach out to event contact/coordinator: Ellen Mueller, emueller@mcad.edu


12:00 Welcome & Intros
12:10 KEYNOTE address by Sanjit Sethi, MCAD President
12:30 "Teaching rural community engagement,"
Karen Gergely, Graceland University
12:40 "Rural projects review,"
Kevin McKelvey, University of Indianapolis
12:50 BREAK / Posing Questions Board with Post-Its

1:10 "Ethical and philosophical questions related to teaching place,"
Natasha Pestich, MCAD
1:20 "Teaching soundscape, acoustic ecology, and sustainability,"
Alex Braidwood, Iowa State University
1:30 "Teaching infiltrating places with site-specific soundscapes,"
Jojin Van Winkle, Carthage College
1:40 "Soundwalks and psychogeographic map-making as a brief workshop,"
Billi London-Gray, University of Texas at Arlington
1:50 BREAK / Sound activity

2:10 "Integrating Charette: Community and Collaboration,"
Nicole Condon-Shih, Cleveland Institute of Art
2:20 "An Engaged and Public Art minor; what it means to develop a program connected to a particular place,"
Jen Caruso, MCAD
2:30 "Picturing place teaching project,"
Elise Kirk, University of Kansas
2:40 "Design-based activity on symbols and "branding" as signifiers and echos of place,"
Brandon Waybright, George Fox University
2:50 BREAK / Design and Place Activity

3:10 "A Project for students developed to encourage site interventions,"
Greg Blair, University of Southern Indiana
3:20 "ROAM: Getting lost in art and art education,"
Julie Libersat, Texas Woman's University
3:30 "Educational experiences for the public,"
Sophie Durbin, Pancake House - https://pancakehousempls.com
3:40 BREAK

4:00 "Teaching as it relates to work in the Matamoros, Mexico refugee camps and activist art,"
Susan Smith, University of Maine
4:10 "Otherness, Place, and Tourism: Shared Visiting Artist and Student Experiences in Wichita, Kansas and Wellington, New Zealand,"
Robert Bubp, Wichita State University
4:20 "Dinner in the Desert Kitchen as it relates to teaching,"
Glenna Jennings, University of Dayton
4:30 "Cultural Conceptions of Place/Nature - A Discussion,"
Leslie Grant, Regan Golden - MCAD

5:00 BREAK / Sort into Groups
5:10 Small Group Discussions: Post-Its Topics

5:50 Walk over to MFA Building - Exhibition on View
6:00 Meet & Mingle - MFA Gallery, Exhibition of conference registrants (submission link: https://forms.gle/WdPpn15p9fqozhkR6 )


// Travel/Transportation/Hotel Info: https://tinyurl.com/msp-travel

// Optional Registrant Exhibition:
There will be an exhibition of works by conference registrants (participation optional). Submit here:

// Crowd-sourced "Teaching Place" Reading/Resources List:

// Project/Assignment Exchange:
To participate, simply send a PDF or Word Document of a project from your class or program to emueller@mcad.edu - everyone who submits a project will receive access to an online folder of all the submitted projects.

// Places to check out in the Twin Cities:
- Minneapolis Institute of Art (next door to MCAD)
- Walker Art Center
- Gallery Guide: https://mspartcalendar.com

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