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I verify that I am in a good state of health and fitness and I do not have physical handicaps or impairments that might inhibit my participation DECLARATION, RELEASE AND INDEMNITY in competitive tennis.I agree to ensure that I am well rested and well hydrated before and during match play.I agree, for and on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors and legal representatives within the fullest extent of the law.• to unconditionally waive all claims, direct or consequential, for personal injury or death, for property damage, including claims concerning damage sustained by, but not limited to negligence that may arise from my participation in LTS, and• to indemnify Singapore Tennis Association (STA) and LTS, committee members or employees, their successors and assigns of said organisations, sponsors of the league as well as fellow players in LTS against any and all of the claims mentioned. Participation in competitive tennis when pregnant may involve risks. LTS strongly recommends that pregnant players regularly obtain and act on medical advice regarding their continued participation in LTS and when to discontinue participation.
For participation in Ladies Tennis Singapore (LTS) 4th February to 30th April 2021
Code of Conduct: LTS players are expected to display good sportsmanship before, during and after all games and at LTS events. Specifically, LTS players should:• Show fairness, consideration and honesty in all dealings with others including in relation to line calls.• Respect all players and demonstrate graciousness in both winning and losing and acknowledging good play• Talk politely and act courteously towards everyone refraining from any dishonest, insulting or derogatory language including any audible or visible obscenities.• Refrain from any abuse towards the ball, racquet or equipment• Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured• Respect the courts and facilities including removing your litter
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