KOI #insulin4all
Do you live (or care for someone) with diabetes in Kentucky, Ohio or Indiana? We are a group of volunteer advocates working on #insulin4all action in the region. We want to know how the high cost of insulin has impacted you. Answer the questions below on behalf of yourself or someone you care for and join our efforts.
By sharing your story with us, you are consenting to allow us to use it in our advocacy efforts to push forward legislation for transparency from insulin manufacturers, and ultimately lower prices. Use of your story includes the possibility of it being shared with the public, lawmakers and members of the media.
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Have you ever had to ration or cut back on the amount of insulin you take because of the high cost? *
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How has the high cost of insulin impacted you financially, emotionally, etc.? Have you had to sacrifice anything (rent, food, other purchases, vacations, etc.) to pay for insulin? *
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Is there anything else you want to share about how the price of insulin has impacted you and/or your family?
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