GV Solo Fest - Sat, Feb 22, 2020
If you plan to perform a solo on more than one instrument, please fill out this form for each solo individually.
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All Solo Fest participants must be under the guidance of a music teacher (private lessons or school music teacher). Please type the name of your school music teacher below.
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Although not required, it is highly recommended that students take private lessons to help prepare their solo. In fact, private lessons are recommended for all students involved in the Garnet Valley Music Program. If you have a private music teacher, please list their name here.
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Checks payable to "Quarter Note Club" and may be dropped off or mailed to Dr. Selfridge, Band Director, Garnet Valley High School, 552 Smithbridge Road, Glen Mills, PA 19342.
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MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY YOUR MUSIC TEACHER. If you have not decided on a piece yet, you may enter "Undecided". Please consult with your teacher and e-mail your title to Dr. Selfridge selfris@garnetvalley.org by Jan 25
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If you have not decided on a piece yet, you may enter "Undecided".
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