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Have you made an audio story in our about the greater Detroit area?

Between now and June 1st, Radio Campfire is taking audio story submissions from Detroit-area producers for Radio Campfire : ‘Round Here -- audio stories, sound portraits, and sonic experiments from our neck of the woods.

Radio Campfire is excited to present ‘Round Here at The Matrix Theater as part of the Detroit Podcast Festival and we’re looking to feature all the best sound and story from the area.

What we’re looking for:
The stories don’t have to be about Detroit (though they certainly can be!) but should be made in Detroit or by Detroit-based creators.

We’re looking for all sorts of audio work -- sound-rich stories, audio portraits, sonic essays, audio postcards, vivid field recordings, things you just made, or things you made a long time ago … the list goes on. We’re looking for pieces 1-10 minutes in length. And our story sweet spot lies in audio pieces that play with sound and story to take you on a surprising or experimental journey for the ears. If the story sounds like a straight-forward news feature, we are probably not the right fit. That said, if you have ANY questions or an idea you want to talk through, please reach out to us at radiocampfire.submissions@gmail.com with the word "Question" in the subject line.

How to Submit:
Send all submissions through THIS Radio Campfire google form :)

Answer the fields below to submit your work for consideration.
You may submit up to 3 pieces. Each piece must be submitted separately.

Submissions are due 11:59pm EST June 1st, 2019.

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