Submissions for the ANLD 2020 Garden Tour
Garden Tour: June 20, 2020 Pre-tour June 10, 2020
Looking for gardens in (or very close) to North Portland and inner NE Portland.
Submissions are welcome through July 17, 2019.
We are accepting submissions for the 2020 ANLD Designers' Garden Tour.

We hope to find a cluster of great gardens for next year, but we can’t do it without you! This coming year we hope to feature gardens in the areas of North Portland and NE Portland. Please consider your design work and fill out this form if you have an installed garden to consider for the tour. We are looking for variety!

Please encourage other ANLD or APLD designers to submit their designs as well.

We welcome your submissions and will take them under careful consideration within the Selection Committee.
Our goal is to have all the gardens selected by early July, so they can be photographed before the real heat of summer.

Geographic region: The 2020 tour will focus on gardens in (or very close to) North Portland and NE Portland.

When Will the Tour be? The tour will be Saturday June 20, 2020; the pre-tour will be Wednesday June 10, 2020

Who can submit gardens? Designers should be members of either ANLD or APLD (or both)!

Please contact the ANLD Garden Tour Selection Committee (Rachel Adams, email:
Criteria for the ANLD Designer Garden Tour:
- Gardens should be at least 2-3 years established at the time of the show.

- Good traffic flow with an entrance and exit, and parking access near the garden.

- Homeowners who are happy to participate in pre-tour and public tour days.

- Designers are expected to be in the garden on the pre-tour and tour dates to support their work and their client, to communicate with their client and the committee throughout the tour process, and to help promote the garden tour.

- You may submit more than one garden, but typically each designer has only one garden in a tour per year.

After completing this form, please remember to submit your photos to Rachel Adams at!
See the last page of this form for instructions.

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