MIT EMS Spring 2024 Application
Are you interested in being an EMT and joining our service? We offer free EMT-B Certification every semester. The application to join our class was already due, but our extenuating circumstances deadline for applications is 10/27. We reserve the right to decide what circumstances may or may not qualify as extenuating, but if you are unsure you can either email us at or just fill out the appliation anyways. Decisions will be released by November 17th. This semester, the class will be around 11 people. 

In order to be eligible for the class, you must:
1) be an MIT affiliate (student, staff, cross registered, or otherwise affiliated)
2) be at least 18 years of age by 01/23/2024, and
3) obtained a US driver's license on 01/23/2023 or earlier. 
Please note that all three items are required for eligibility. Because our class size is so limited, priority will be given to applicants who are in the Boston area for at least one year following completion of the class. However, we encourage everyone to apply!

After your application is completed, we may reach out to schedule an interview. We will not interview applicants who do not fulfill the requirements in the previous paragraph. An interview does not guarantee you a spot in the class. If we contact you with an interview offer, you will have a limited period of time to schedule one. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis from October 6th to November 10th. After careful review of both the application and interview, conditional class offers will be extended by November 17th on a non-rolling basis. Offers are contingent upon successful completion of a driving background check in compliance with the MIT Vehicle Use Policy. Accepted applicants will be onboarded by the class officers and executive board. If you have any questions please email If you already have a certification, please email and do not fill out this application.

Quick info about the class:
Note: If you have any individual or other questions please reach out to us. We understand that not everybody was able to come to an information session or otherwise learn about the class, and what is listed here is just the logistics.
- It starts 01/23/2024, which is a week or two before spring semester starts. 
- The class normally runs on Tuesday nights and Saturday during the day. It also includes the occasional Thursday night. If you are regularly not free at one of these times, we may not be able to accommodate you. There is a state minimum requirement of hours in order to obtain an EMT license, and 100% attendance to the class is therefore necessary.
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Email Address *
Driver's license number *
Driver's license state *
Can you comfortably lift 125 pounds? *
MIT Affiliation (e.g. undergrad student, grad student, Wellesley student, staff, faculty, etc.) *
What year are you? *
Years remaining in the Boston area? *
Course/Major *
Dorm/living group at MIT (N/A if not applicable) *
Have you previously applied to the MIT EMS Class? If so, when? *
How many hours per week are you willing to work for MIT EMS?

Some information to consider: Shift lengths range from 4-9 hours, and you will provide your availability to work. While not on a call, you may study, eat, sleep, or do EMS training. Outside of shifts, there are officer, training, and even research opportunities for MIT EMS members.
Will you be 18 years old by November? If not, when will you turn 18 (month and year)?
Describe the extent of your previous driving experience (any accident history, types of vehicles, estimated number of hours spent driving, number of years of driving experience, type of driving). When did you receive your license (month & year)?
List any extracurricular activities you are involved with at MIT and any leadership roles you hold. What weekly or biweekly commitments do you have? (e.g. clubs, sports, lab etc.)
How many units are you planning on taking this spring semester (2024) if you are also taking this EMT course? (please keep in mind that the course will likely be equivalent to a 14-16 unit class)

Note: The class is not an MIT course, so it does not count towards MIT credit limits.
Why do you want to join MIT EMS? If you attended any of our events, please list them here. (Suggested: 100-200 words)
MIT EMS values a culture of constant teaching and learning. Leadership in EMS is largely about mentoring younger members. Please share an experience where you were a mentor or teacher to others. (Suggested: 200-300 words) *
Describe a time where you worked with a team. What were your strengths as a team member? What were your weaknesses? Talk about the team/project you were working on, and how you interacted with your team. (Suggested: 200-300 words) *
What characteristics do you look for in the people you surround yourself with? (Suggested: 100 words) *
What extenuating circumstances led to you submitting this application late? *
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