UASRA Residents Helping Residents (COVID-19 Mutual Aid)
As the virus spreads, like so many communities, we're being asked to engage in social distancing and possibly even self-quarantine to protect public health. Crises times can make us feel like each person has to look out only for themselves -- in reality, we know we have better chances if we stick together and support one another. Knowing that we are being directed to stay at home as much as possible, and that some of us cannot, we are working to build some structure hyper-locally to care for one another.

Mutual aid is the idea that community members can take care of each other by sharing resources and skills, checking in on each other, and providing reliable support structures that supplement other structures, such as families and organizations. Please fill out the following form if you have anything you need, or anything you'd like to offer to your neighbors.

*text adapted from Medford-Somerville mutual aid network form; COVID-19 Mutual Aid Group template by Lauren Cagle
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