Mama's Chiropractic Wellness Orientation Workshop Quiz
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When Doc discusses Vitalism, he uses an analogy of "soil" vs "seed". Which matches best with the "soil" philosophy? *
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What's the best gauge for the health of our bodies? *
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What's the Major Premise of Chiropractic? *
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What are the 6 Salutogenic Principles that build health and resilience in the human body? *
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What are the three causes of subluxation? *
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Which of these is a way to describe subluxation to a friend? *
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True or False: To honor the concept of autonomy, Mama's Chiropractic has software that lets you book an appointment for your child at 2 am. *
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True or False: A year's worth of chiropractic care at Mama's Chiropractic is likely more expensive than what you'd pay out of pocket through your insurance.
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What are the five "Magic Words" this orientation is built around?
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