Farmers' Market Assessment Survey
This is a survey sponsored by the Muskingum County Community Foundation for Market Research to identify and measure advantages of a collaborative location that serves the licensed kitchen, a yearlong farmer’s market, and community educational outreach. The survey has been designed to help the Zanesville Farmers' Market and FoodWorks Alliance evaluate community support for a one stop location.

· FoodWorks Alliance is in need of more space for growth and equipment to serve our food processing clients as well as food related programs for other local non-profits.

· The Zanesville Farmers’ Market is looking for a permanent home that serves their members and provides the community a greater choice and selection of locally grown food by having a yearlong market.

· The community educational outreach would include our existing Servsafe classes required for all food outlets, Cooking Camps for Youth, and a new training program for recovering addicts. The space would be available for other community organizations to have training space for the food classes they offer such as healthy cooking, food preservation, recipe development etc.

We are asking the community to answer a few questions that will let us know what you would like to see in a facility such as this. We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Please note that this survey is actively seeking response until September 28th, 2020!
What is your role in the Zanesville Farmers' Market?
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