ArcticForestMC Developer Application
A Developer focus is on designing/programming plugins, games, and the technical background of the server.
The likelihood of being accepted is largely based on the effort of your application. You will notice there are no word constraints in the following questions. However, It is strongly recommended to produce at least SMALL PARAGRAPH for each question. Avoid using quick low effort  or one sentence answers. Being proficient in a programming language is not necessary to be a developer, as long as you express your eagerness to learn, persistence, and abilities to adapt.
What would you like the rest Staff team to call you? *
Your Minecraft IGN *
Contact an admin or srmod if you change this after applying.
Your discord Name and # *
Contact an admin or srmod if you change this after applying.
How old are you? *
Where do you live? Give us your Country. If it is a big country give us state or city. *
What time zone do you live in? *
Please answer using UTC. (Example UTC+1 is for European Central Time)
Insert your email here. *
Gmail preferred
Do you have a microphone?
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How long have you played minecraft; how well do you know your way around minecraft? *
What programming/development experience do you have? *
How new are you to programming? What programming languages you have worked with, projects you have done, achievements, etc...
Why become a developer for Arctic? *
Why are you doing this? Is it because you wish to expand your skill-set? Is it for fun? Is it because you see good potential in the server?
What are your specialties as a developer? *
This can include your proficiency in certain languages over others, your skills in backed development, abilities in working with GUI's, or even your persistence and eagerness to learn. Give a general idea of where you are at and what you are good at.
Work example
Optional, submit example of your work. This can include your github profile/repo, plugin, source code, etc... Use a site like pastebin if you are submitting raw source code as google form does not retain indentations and newlines.
Other skills/Anything else We should know about you?
Anything else you think we should know? Any other skills you have?
Do you agree with the current and future server rules? *
Final note
Thank you for filling out the application, If we do not get back to you within a week, your application has likely been denied. We may contact you describing some of the issues with where you are at and what you can work on to apply again.
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