Sixty Feet Internship Application
Note: The information disclosed in this Intern Application will be read and held with confidentiality and great care for information security by members of Sixty Feet. To honor the name of Christ and to protect the interests of this ministry, we ask for your complete honesty in filling out this application.
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Period Available for Service (ie: 1/31/2021 - 12/1/2022 *
What length of time (in months) are you interested in serving in Uganda? *
Have you been on a mission trip with Sixty Feet previously? *
If Yes, When? *
Who was the leader? *
Personal Information
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Spiritual Involvement
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Where are you interested in serving with Sixty Feet? *
How did you hear about Sixty Feet internships? *
Write out the Gospel in your own words. *
Write out God's salvation story in you including when you were baptized. *
How is God currently growing you in your relationship with Him? *
How are you currently sharing your faith? Please list specific examples of sharing your faith. *
Why do you want to serve with Sixty Feet? *
What qualities do you have that would make you fit for a foreign internship? *
Are you willing to follow the authority of the Sixty Feet staff and/or representatives? *
List all ministry involvement. *
List any cross-cultural mission experience you have had and the duration of each trip. *
Additional Questions
Note: Answering yes to any of the following questions does not necessarily disqualify you from serving with Sixty Feet. If you do answer yes to any of the following questions, please clarify in the box below that question.
Excluding minor traffic violations, have you ever been convicted of any violation of law or ordinance? *
If Yes, Explain.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime (misdemeanor or felony)? *
If Yes, Explain.
Have you ever been arrested or convicted for either physical or sexual abuse? *
If Yes, Explain.
Do you have any physical impairments that prevents you from physical work or travel? *
If Yes, Explain.
Have you been under the care of a counselor or mental health professional in the last 12 months? *
If Yes, Explain.
Is there anything about your lifestyle that would potentially bring reproach on yourself, your family,Sixty Feet, or the name of Christ? *
If Yes, Explain.
I have received and read, in it's entirety, the Intern Information Package (IIP). I understand the nature of the intern position asit is described within the IIP, and desire to continue the application process. I agree with the Sixty Feet Guiding Principles anddesire to abide by it and other Sixty Feet regulations that may govern Sixty Feet interns in the present and in the future thatare not in opposition to Sixty Feet's Guiding Principles. I also acknowledge that 3 Spiritual Reference Forms have beencompleted and are attached to and made a part of this Intern Application.I agree to allow Sixty Feet to share my personal information with affiliates and third parties for purposes such as obtaining abackground check. Sixty Feet will never sell your information or use it to profit or exploit anyone.I agree to allow Sixty Feet to release sensitive and/or personal information and medical information to my emergencycontacts if Sixty Feet deems necessary. *
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