Home Access to the Internet and Student Devices
A brief survey to PGUSD families to determine access to the internet and to student devices at home. This information will be used to inform future technology projects and your responses will be kept completely confidential. Thank you.
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3. How many children do you currently have attending schools in PGUSD? *
4. Which school(s) does/do your student(s) attend? *
5. Does your family currently have reliable/adequate internet connectivity at home? *
6. Does your family currently have an adequate number of internet-connectable devices, such as desktop, laptop, Chromebook, and/or tablet, that your student(s) can use to complete their schoolwork/homework when they need to? *
7. If you answered "No" to the previous question (#6), how many additional student devices would you need in your household to ensure that your student(s) can complete their schoolwork/homework on time?
Are there any other thoughts or concerns you wish to share about your student's access to technology at home that will assist us in better supporting their continued learning remotely in the event of a school closure (e.g. printing, video streaming, digital curriculum, communicating with their teacher(s))?
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