Identifying Operant Conditioning
Directions: For each of the following operant conditioning situations, identify whether this is an example of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, or negative punishment.
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1. Jamie spanks his child for playing in the street. *
2. An “A” on exam that you studied real hard for. *
3. Getting a pay check. *
4. Taking an aspirin to relieve a headache *
5. Receiving a hug from your parents after throwing a temper tantrum. *
6. Getting fired from your job because you show up late to work. *
7. Lindsay wasn’t doing well in her 6th grade math class. Her teacher told her parents that Lindsay handed in less than 50% of her assignments. Her parents told Lindsay that any day on which she did not hand in her homework she would be sent to bed right after dinner. As a result of this threat, Lindsay has handed in her assignment 97% of the time. *
8. Greg does not go to the dentist every 6 months for a check-up. Instead, he waited until a tooth really hurts, then goes to the dentist. After 2 emergency trips to the dentist, Greg now goes to the dentist every 6 months like he should. *
9. The annoying student jumps up and down, hand raised, yelling “me, me, me!” until the teacher calls on her. The child jumps and yells even more in the future. *
10. Police randomly stop drivers and give tickets to those who are not wearing their seat belts; as a result of this program seat belt use increases in town. *
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