ND19 FMCA Product-Specific Presentation
FMCA’s Product-Specific Presentation program is available to those exhibitors who want to increase exposure and sales through product explanations, demonstrations, and incentives. 60-minute product-specific time slots are available to offer exhibiting companies an additional opportunity to reach customers. Subjects that an exhibitor may wish to present include introduction of new products or programs, product features, trouble-shooting techniques, explanation of warranties or incentive programs, etc. Time slots will be confirmed when invoiced. Payment must be received or seminar will not be published and hen cancelled.
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Meeting Space Schedule
Seminar space is available on Thursday, August 15, Friday, August 16, and Saturday, August 17. Seminars will begin each day at 9:00 AM; the last seminar will be scheduled at 4:00 PM.

Seminars will be presented within a 60-minute time-period. There will be a 30-minute break between each session. Following the second seminar each day there will be a 90-minute personal-time break for the attendees.

Fee Structure and What's Included
FMCA exhibitors will be charged a fee of $300 per session. Seminar fee payment can be arranged with the FMCA Commercial Sales Office. Your contact is Tina Henry.

FMCA will provide the following:

Meeting room set theater style for a maximum of 250 attendees.

A speaker's table with lavaliere microphone; an audience microphone with stand; and an LCD projector with screen and HDMI cable will be provided. You are responsible for laptops and any additional cabling.

A brief seminar description of 100 words or less (To include the title of presentation, name of presenter, company affiliation, and website.) will be published in the Convention Program and FMCA app provided the application is received by April 8, 2019.

Signs showing a schedule of the sessions will be located outside the seminar room and space is available. The presenter is responsible for providing anything needed that is not listed as provided by FMCA.

Registered attendees will not be charged an admission fee and may go to as many sessions as they choose. Attendance also will be open to public gate patrons.

Please have ample handouts of your presentation available or provide download information.

Program Guidelines
The program will operate under the following guidelines:

1. Participation in the Product-Specific Presentation program is limited to contracted, exhibiting companies and seminar content must be industry related.

2. No more than one 60-minute time slot will be assigned to any exhibiting company per day. Exceptions will be made under the following circumstance: In the event demand for participation leaves a sufficient number of time slots vacant, a maximum of two time slots per day may be assigned to an exhibiting company.

3. Time slots will be confirmed in the order of payment receipt and space availability.

4. Exhibitors will be notified of their assignment to a time slot only after a completed application and fees are received. Time slots will not be held awaiting fee payment. All payments are made through FMCA Commercial Sales Office, Contact: Tina Henry.

5. Refunds will not be made to exhibitors who cancel participation in the program after April 8, 2019.

6. Exhibitors are not obligated to take a time slot they don’t care for should their preferred time slot not be available. The exhibitor can elect to go on a wait list for a more desirable time slot should a cancellation be received.

7. During the show, exhibitors may promote attendance at their session only from within their own exhibit area.

8. All sales must be finalized at the exhibitor’s display.

9. FMCA will, using signs and a published statement in the convention program, make it clear that the information presented is “product-specific” or “proprietary” in nature and not endorsed, nor approved, by FMCA. Responsibility for the content comes solely from the seminar presenter.

10. FMCA reserves the right to cancel the program.

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