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1. March for Science
Answer the following series of questions relating to the 2017 Earth Day March for Science. Read the article from the Atlantic titled "What Exactly Are People Marching for When They March for Science?" and answer the questions below
a. Read over the stated goals and generally summarize what the marchers were trying to accomplish. *
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b. After reading the article explain two reasons why people were participating in the march. Include two quotes along with analysis of the information. *
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c. What was the effect of the march? If needed you can find additional articles to support your reasoning. *
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2. James Balog
Watch the 2009 TED Talk talk from James Balog titled "Time-lapse proof of extreme ice loss" and answer the series of questions below.
a. What inspired Balog to undertake his project? How did he actually decide to conduct his experiment, and what were the goals of his experience? *
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b. Why is his message particularly easy for non-scientists. like himself, to understand? Why is it helpful to have non-scientists working to convey scientific concepts. *
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3. Celebrity Influence
Watch the talks by Bill Nye and Leonardo Dicaprio on climate change and answer the series of questions below.

Bill Nye -
Leonardo Dicaprio -

a. How can celebrities be helpful in addressing serious scientific issues? Provide evidence to support your answer. *
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4. Reflection
After working through the activities answer the questions below.

a. What is your reaction to the belief that ordinary people can not make a difference. Provide Evidence to support your explanation. *
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b. List three things you can do right now to address global issues, such as climate change. Your responses should be governmental actions. *
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