Actualizing Equity: the Geography of Wellness
Wellness is not evenly distributed. Invisiblized policies and practices determine which neighborhoods are home to pollution and which are environmentally and economically healthy. As we’ve seen, the burden of inequitable land use policies and regulations falls largely on neighborhoods with people of color, indigenous, immigrant, and under-resourced communities, reinforcing environmental harm and poverty and furthering the wellness divide.

Join us to discuss these historical harms to communities and share our vision of equitable land use policies that enrich neighborhoods, connecting residents to a broad set of choices for recreation, shopping, learning, laboring, and living.

Monday, August 13th, noon – 1:30 pm
Hope Community
611 E Franklin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404

The 2018 Actualizing Equity Series will dive into each section covered by Our AREA: the Alliance’s Regional Equity Agenda, a living document that outlines visions and strategies for the development of a just, equitable Twin Cities region. Local leaders will join us in exploring and discussing the ways the following issue areas intersect with the rich identities and historical struggles of our communities.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a Brown Bag Lunch Series. We will provide snacks, but you're welcome to bring yourself a full meal.

About the space:
Hope Community’s office is located at 611 East Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis. It is at the corner of Franklin and Portland Avenues. The visitor entrance is on the parking lot (south) side of the building.

The space currently provides 2 bathrooms with multiple stalls, marked Women and Men. We support you in using the bathroom of your choice.

Hope’s office has available bicycle racks for parking on both the Franklin Avenue and parking lot sides of the building.

The #2 bus stops directly in front of Hope’s office, along with the Eastbound #9. The Westbound #9, the #5, the #11, and the #14 routes are also all within a few blocks of Hope, and the Franklin Avenue station of the Blue Line LRT is 1 mile to the east. Visit the Metro Transit website for more details.

There are a limited number of visitor parking spaces in Hope's parking lot. There is also available street parking on Oakland and Portland Avenues.

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