THE LYDIAN SPIN Listener Survey
Hello! By you filling out this questionaire, you'll be helping us find out exactly what interests you, what you would like to hear on The Lydian Spin, and how we can better create our podcasts to surprise, titilate, and inform you. Please be so kind as to fill out everything, and also let us know how you think the podcasts could be better.
PLEASE NOTE: We will not use this information for nefarious deeds! We simply need this to better focus our podcasts for our listeners. You providing us with feedback will really help!

You can hear the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and other sites, as well as the main home page of the site:

This survey for our podcast will be open until May 15th, 2020. Please add your name should you wish to be included in a gift draw from Lydia Lunch, mailed directly to you.

Cheers from Lydia Lunch, Tim Dahl, Simon Slater and Tom Garretson
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