Register for The Merry Dairy Video Shoot - Friday, August 16, 8:00am!
Allie Goodyear wrote a song about The Merry Dairy. We loved it so much we asked her if we could record it and make a video! (Hear the song here!

That's where you come in!

We're inviting all kids to be a part of a video shoot!

What needs to be done?

Simple! Just show up at 8:00 on Friday, August 16 at 102 Fairmont Avenue!

And, if you like, choose your favorite flavor from the list below! Better yet - come dressed as that flavor! Or make a sign with your flavor on it! Make it as fun and original as you like!

All kids who participate get free ice cream (dairy or non-dairy treat!)

The session will be completed by about 11:40.

Just fill out the form below to register. You can bring the consent form below with you. They will also be available on-site that morning.!

Questions? email!

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Please bring a signed copy of this consent form for each young person you are registering. Blank forms will also be onsite. All participants will need to have permission expressed via this form! :)

What's your favourite flavor?
We'd love it if you came dressed up as your favourite Merry Dairy flavour
Or pick a flavour and make your own home-made sign with that flavour on it!
Can't decide? Or print off one of the 74 pre-made flavour sign by clicking on the link below!

PIck the flavour you want to represent!
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