Family Cycling Session Registration Form
I understand and accept that Wheely Tots cycle session leaders
1. may refuse to allow participation if a bike is not deemed roadworthy, participants' behaviour or ability level deemed unsuitable
2. are not responsible for any injury or any loss or damage to any property or person during the session

I understand that it remains my responsibility
1. to ensure adult and childrens' bikes are roadworthy and that by participating in the cycle session does not necessarily follow that it is safe for my child to ride a bicycle and that to become a proficient cyclist may take more time and practice
2. to make Wheely Tots cycle session leaders aware of any medical condition my child has which may adversely affect the session
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Address *
Mobile phone number(s) *
Postcode *
Names and Ages of children
Names and ages of adults *
Emergency phone number(s) *
Details of any medication/allergies for you or your family *
Any specific concerns you wish to address or goals you have
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