Carclaze School - Parent Questionnaire 2020
To be completed and submitted by Parents and Carers of children at Carclaze Community Primary School.

Thinking back to between the time of lockdown in July - Please tick on box to indicate how much you agree with each of the following statements.
Child's Name:
1. I used the Key Worker provision during lockdown?
2. My child attended School in June/July as part of FS, Year 1 or Year 6?
3. Communication from the School was regular, clear and effective?
4. My child's class teacher was available through eschools?
5. I was kept informed about matters that affect my child?
6. I clearly understood the school's expectations of my child regarding 'home learning'?
7. I clearly understood the school's expectations of my role as a parent regarding 'home learning'?
8. My child managed the work set by the school?
9. The resources required for 'home learning' were easily accessible?
10. I am concerned about the impact of the time away from school on my childs education?
11. Please share any additional comments below: *
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