QMS/QHS Student Survey 2018
Perception Survey - QCS School Improvement
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In my school, programs and services are available to help me succeed.
In my school, my teachers expect me to do my best work.
**My current teachers use different activities to help me learn.
My current teachers care about students.
My teachers are available to help me when there is something I do not understand.
My teachers explain their expectations for learning and behavior so I can be successful.
My teachers provide me with information about my learning and grades.
**My school is safe.
**My school has technology to help me learn.
I am recognized when I do something well.
I can participate in activities that interest me.
My principal and teachers prepare me for the next grade.
What do you like best about our school?
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What do you like least about our school?
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What is one suggestion you would like to offer to improve our school?
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