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OUR BOOKING RATES: $5,000 stand-alone rate for a HALF DAY FLOW FESTS ON CAMPUS EVENT. We bring all the gear, all the circus artists and all the toys to YOUR CAMPUS and give you a festival of MARVELOUS proportions! Or, book us for a FULL DAY and allow us to provide TARGETED PROGRAMS for your teachers, your specialty clubs or academic disciplines on campus: we can (AND DO) lead TEAM-BUILDING activities, cultivate and present current research on THERAPY APPLICATIONS for circus arts, develop CUTTING-EDGE CHOREOGRAPHY and exalt in MINDFUL MOVEMENT. Add a STRESS RELIEF workshop for your PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY- the sky is the limit! Add-ons range from $500-$2000, depending on details. Email us for more info:
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Venue details: Flow Fests on Campus are best placed OUTDOORS, in shady courtyards or grassy lawns with trees overhead. We can also function INDOORS, but only in spaces with extra high ceilings, with NO free hanging ceiling fixtures (projectors, lighting, fans, etc).
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