2019 NHSUA 3 Man Quiz
Answer all these questions following the NHSUA protocols
and mechanics. Assume that all NHSUA mechanics are being followed
even if not mentioned here. This is a short opportunity to get into
the manual and read up on the mechanics.
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After the third out of each half inning U3 always brushes off the pitcher's plate.
With R1 on 2B and R2 on 3B, U1 has responsibility for R1 leaving too soon and U3 takes R2
With runners on 1B and 2B, U1 is responsible for the runner on 1B leaving early.
R1 is on 3B and R2 on 1B and U3 calls an illegal pitch. Plate umpire awards the batter a ball which is ball four. B1 goes to 1B and R2 goes to 2B. The plate umpire awards R1 home.
Team A has the bases loaded. The plate umpire should:
With no runners on base which of these is accurate coverage.
R1 is on first base and there is a 3-2 count on B1 when a called third strike gets by the catcher. The catcher makes a throw to get R1 at 3B.
With R1 on 2B and R2 on 3B, B1 hits a fly ball to right center field. Which of these would not be a responsibility for the plate umpire.
R1 is on 3B and R2 is on 1B when B1 hits a fly ball to left center field.
R1 is on 3B when B1 grounds a single between the shortstop and third baseman who are playing their normal positions. The hit is a single to left field.
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