WW3 - Infinite Loading Screen & Crashing on Startup / Loading Screen
Hello there,

If you're experiencing Infinite Loading and/or some crashing, please try some of these basic troubleshooting techniques. If you've tried your own troubleshooting, please describe in the appropriate field down below. If all else fails, we can try to reset your config to help with the issue. Read each field carefully and be as detailed as possible as you can only submit this once!

Thank you! We'll process your response as soon as we can.

- World War 3 Moderator Team
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Which region are you connecting to? Also, please list your IPv4 (for internal purposes) - You can use https://www.whatismyip.com/ to recieve your IP. *
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If you are still unable to load into the game, match or the game crashing on startup, you may request a config reset. 1) Go here https://steamidfinder.com/ 2) Enter your URL 3) Copy and paste your SteamID64 into the box down below. *
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