Majors 24h @ Le Mans - Entry Form
This is the entry form to enter a TEAM for all classes for the Le Mans race. This form should should only be filled out ONCE for each unique team that is running the event. (If your "team" is fielding two cars, the form would be filled out twice)

Note that each car must have a minimum of 1 Silver+ pass holder as a driver and a maximum of 3 non pass holders. Cars with any non pass holders must pay an entry fee of $10 but this covers up to 3 drivers.
Team Manager Name - please ensure that you are registered on the Majors Discord Server with a name we can find!) *
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iRacing Team Name (the name that appears on the car when you select my Teams in iRacing). See example below *
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iRacing Team ID (bottom right in the image above) *
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Race Number Requested (Note that you will need to set this manually in iRacing) *
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Car Class *
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