The Nolose Bipoc Day 2015 programming committee and BIPOC Track is now accepting workshops for the 2015 Nolose conference in Oakland Ca. 9/4/15 – 9/6/15.

We are looking for workshops to be presented on Friday 9/4/15 for the BIPOC only day of the conference as well as workshops to be presented Saturday 9/5/15 and Sunday 9/6/15 during the open conference.

Do you have a skill, an idea, an action you’d like to share? Do you want to help create a space for other BIPOC Fats to build community? Teach us how to make our own clothes, put together a panel on BIPOC representation in science fiction/fantasy lit, organize a first aid training for on the street activists; there are no restrictions or theme for the workshop proposals this year, so get creative and get them to us!

The deadline for workshop submissions is Monday August 3rd @ 5pm.

Some logistics:

Please include the workshop title, the preferred names (and pronouns if desired) and a brief bio of all workshop presenters (up to 50 words) as well as a workshop summary (up to 75 words) at the top of all workshop proposals.

Workshops can be either 90 min or 45 min in length, please specify the workshop duration in your proposal.

Please indicate whether you would like your workshop to be presented on the BIPOC day or during the open conference. Closed workshops (BIPOC only) are welcome and encouraged to be presented on Sat and Sun.

Give us a detailed description of what you plan to present, your goals for the workshop and how you see your workshop contributing to building power and presence for BIPOCs in the Nolose community and the larger Fat Justice movement in general. We are excited about intersectional and collaborative work!

Include in your proposal any support/supplies you will need from Nolose to present your workshop.

Keeping in mind that Nolose is a diverse community of people with lived experiences across age, class, identity, political, size, race, education etc intersections; all workshops must provide varied options for participation and focus on centering the voices of underrepresented conference attendees.

Submit your ideas via the form below or in an email to by 5 pm on August 3rd 2015.

Questions, concerns, need support/help? We are happy to work with you to help you develop your workshop idea! Drop us a note and we'll get back to you quickly Please contact us at

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