Sign-on Letter to Support Metro-Detroit’s Immigrant Community
We, businesses and organizations in Metro-Detroit, want a safe community where our families, customers, and workers thrive and prosper together. Unfortunately, we live in a climate of fear and intimidation. ICE comes to our businesses and drags away our loved ones. It terrifies residents, hurts business, and stains our reputation as community establishments.

One easy action we business leaders can take today for a safer environment, is to declare we are proud to support our immigrant community by posting UHWD’s stickers (example below) up in our business/organization window, and asking other business owners to support this effort.

My business or organization wants to join this effort to call on ICE and law enforcement to respect our private properties, respect our rights, and stop harassing our places of business.

Trainings are offered to businesses on private property, who *already have immigrant workers*.

Note below if you're interested and we'll follow up!
Will you put up this sticker in your business window?
We’ll put up your sticker to show broad business support for immigrants. (We'll drop it off!)
We'll ask 3 other businesses to join us and sign this letter
We want your group to train our staff in case of raids
Want Our Training?
What are the best days/dates for a training for all your staff?
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If you join this effort, do we have your permission to publicize and promote your support, including your business/org's name, your name, and or pictures with your image or likeness? *
Share! Why is your business signing on? Why is showing support for immigrants important to you?
Do we have your permission to include your quote above in future promotional materials, including media and or other?
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Any other way you'd like to be involved with this effort or support UHWD?
Donate! Checks can be made out to: United Hispanic Workers of Detroit, PO Box 441472 Detroit, MI 441472
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United Hispanic Workers of Detroit grows immigrant leadership, trains, empowers, & advocates around immigrant worker rights
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