New Registration: Pack 1, Cub Scouts of America
Sign up today for the 2020-2021 Cub Scout year. School activities are on track to start in October (fingers crossed). Registration fee of $3,500 plus uniform cost will be collected when social distancing guidelines allow group activities. Learn more about Cub Scouts and Pack 1 here and please contact with questions. Uniform selection form and Boy Scouts of America forms will be provided after your registration. Thank you!
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Note: After registration is complete, you will be provided with an additional form to complete from the Boy Scouts of America.
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Unlike sports teams and other coached activities, Scouting is volunteer run and we rely on every family to do its part. Please review the following list of roles and select at least one you would be willing to do. You don’t need any experience for any of the roles and there will be training and time to learn the ropes. As the saying goes, if you can read, you can lead!
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Pack 1 Adventure Day
Learning to tie a square knot
Wolves (Grade 2) exploring
Pitching tents for Webelos campout at Tai Tam Scout Center
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