Teen Project Studio - Fall 2018 Application
Teen Project Studio is an intensive, eight-week, digital arts program for high school youth ages 14 to 19. This free program is limited to 14 students. TPS is a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the visual arts, design & creative industries in an interactive and challenging way. It is also an opportunity to meet other teens with similar eagerness to learn and create.

From October 10 to December 15, students will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4-6pm, at the Bronx River Art Center, 1087 East Tremont Ave, Bronx NY, 10460. Field trips to art exhibitions and cultural events will be organized on one Saturday per month.

APPLICATION: Students, ages 14 to 17, must click here www.bit.ly/tpsfall12018 to download, print and complete the paper application with a parent or guardian’s signature. Please scan and email this document back to BRAC at info@bronxriverart.org. If you are 18 or 19, feel free to complete the form below or download and complete the paper application.
Student Information
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LeiLani Calo
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Fanny Lou Hammer
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1662 Vyse Avenue
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New york
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Teacher Name (recommendation)
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Melodie Rivera
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Answer the following questions
Have you or a member of your family ever taken a class at BRAC? *
If yes, please tell us about the class(es). What did you learn? Did you enjoy? Why?
Teen project, photography and was highly recommended.
How did you hear about BRAC's Teen Project Studio? *
Family member
Why are interested in applying for this program? *
To learn more techniques
What do you hope to learn from participating in the program? *
I hope to learn new skills
Have you ever taken an art class (drawing, painting, film, art history, etc.) *
There is no art training required for this program.
If you answered yes, what did you learn or enjoy most about the class(es)?
What is an important social, economic, or environmental issue affecting your community? *
Tell us something about yourself. *
Art is a definite passion I have learned and grown to love. I consider myself a self tought artist in digital drawing, hand drawing and painting. I’m very motivated and excited to learn new tricks on enhancing my skills. I’ve entered and won a contest last year in Lehman College and will definitely enter this years contest. This years goal is to create a portfolio of 8 - 12 different drawings in a time frame of 3 months. I think this program is perfect for me and hope I can join your art team.
APPLICATION: Students, ages 14 to 17, must click here www.bit.ly/tpsfall12018 download and complete the paper application. If you are 18 or 19, feel free to complete the form above or download and complete the paper application.
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