Power on the Move Vladimir Vasiliev Seminar in Brazil November 21 & 22, 2021
Due to sanitary restrictions some changes can happen, we will keep you posted, but please ask if you have any doubts - email (contato@artemarcialrussa.com.br) or phnoe ( +5511999427902)
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The cost of the seminar ( US$ 250,00 until 30 of june of 2021) will be pay with Paypal/Transferwise, in order to guarantee your participation, please put a valid email address below that we will send you the payment link in 1-4 business days. The fees are NOT to be payed by Systema Brazil.
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Cancelation Policy - If this registration is cancelled (by any means) a cost refund is not possible but the participant can be replaced by another person. Withdrawal or non-attendance will not entitle you to any refund. By signing up for this seminar, you are agreeing to this cancellation policy. * *
WAIVER - I wish to participate in the seminar training opportunity presented by Systema Brazil and their respective agents and staff members.I hereby represent that I am physically and emotionally fit to engage in martial arts instructional training.I hereby acknowledge that the seminar training session involves strenuous physical activity on my own part and on the part of training partners which include: fast motion, contact, punching, kicking, trapping, throwing, joint locking, intercepting, training weapons and self defense techniques and is therefore an inherently dangerous and risky activity. If my conduct, actions, or statements while participating in the seminar are determined to be detrimental to the safety or well being of other participants or the instructor Vladimir Vasiliev I shall willingly comply with the requests of the director or their agents that I remove myself and my effects from the site of the seminar immediately.I realize and agree to the fact that I will forfeit any prepaid training fees if requested by the director to terminate my training. It is agreed that Vladimir Vasiliev and Systema Brazil shall not be responsible or have any liability for loss or damage of any personal property during the seminar.I hereby give permission to be videotaped or photographed during the seminar. I also give permission that such videotape(s) or photograph(s) may be used for purposes of marketing and promotion of Vladimir Vasiliev and/or Systema Brazil and their agents and staff.By signing this agreement, it is my stated intention to knowingly assume all risks involved in the participationin this seminar. Further, I release dismiss, and forever discharge Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema Brazil, and other instructors, students, clients, and relating to the activity engaged in from the liability for injuries, illness, damage or physical defects which may result from engaging in this seminar.I hereby agree to refrain from instituting, pressing or in any aiding any claim, demand of action, or cause of action for damages, costs, loss of service, expenses, or compensation for or on account of any such injuries.This release is also binding to another persons, including all family members, heirs, executors, and any minors which may accompany me. I have carefully read this release of liability, fully understand and are mentally and emotionally aware of its contents, and sign of my own free will. *
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