ASAN Local Farm/Food Directory
The Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network is compiling a directory of local farms and farmers markets, where community members can access fresh, local food during COVID-19.

This is a CRITICAL time for us to step up our support for local farmers (and all locally owned businesses!), who bring so much value to our communities and our ecosystem. The need for deeply rooted community relationships has never been so clear as it is now. Help farmers stay in business! In doing so you might just discover many other ways in which eating local can work wonders -- for your health, and for the health of your neighbors, your ecosystem, and your community overall.

If you are a farmer who sells directly to the public, please fill out this form to list your farm in the directory!

PRODUCER-ONLY -- you must grow/raise your own products in order to be listed in this directory. We will not list resellers. We welcome listings for farmers producing meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc. We welcome listings for value-added products **if you produce at least 50% of the ingredients.** Sorry, but at this time we are not including listings for products that don't meet these criteria.
First, confirm that you are eligible to be listed in this directory (see above).

The fields below will be listed in the directory. To see the directory for examples of other farms' responses and/or for a look at how the public will view this information, go to

***Please double-check all information for accuracy and typos!!!***

ASAN reserves the right to edit for length and clarity. Please provide accurate contact info so we can follow up with you if we need clarification.
Items available
E.g. produce, grassfed beef, eggs, strawberries, honey, leafy greens
Farm name
Farm location - County - City/town
Contact name(s)
Where available - e.g. via Market at Dothan, deliveries in metro Birmingham, direct from farm only
Details - how to order, pickup/delivery options and locations, protective measures in place
Special designations - Certified organic, organic/regenerative practices (not certified), woman-owned, Black-owned, POC-owned, LGBTQ+-owned
These will NOT be included in the directory but are related to ASAN's ongoing efforts to support Alabama farmers during COVID-19 (and all the time!).
If you currently operate a farmstand/farm store or online store, or do home deliveries, are you open to including product from neighboring farmers, to help them access customers during this time?
This is certainly not a binding commitment. But if you answer yes, we will list you on the "group sales" sheet of our Small Farms Resource List for COVID-19 -- Please feel free to leave any additional details below.
Clear selection
Does your farm have any other pressing needs during this time, around which ASAN can offer support?
If yes, we will follow up with a phone call to learn more. Also feel free to leave details below.
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Additional comments / details
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