Interested in livening up the local community with some socially distant food truck fun? Papa Gallo is looking to bring the #SDFiesta to your neighborhood!

We are booking for lunch or dinner service.
We require a driveway volunteer to allow us to park our 25' truck. We will also need about 10' at the back end for our socially distant order pickup table. The parking spot must be mostly flat (no inclines) and free of overhead obstruction.
Our neighborhood services are PREORDER ONLY. This allows us to properly prepare and also follow local ordinances. This way we can consider it a "community catering" as opposed to regular cash service on residential property.
We request that your neighborhood has a minimum of ~30 family orders (60-90+ eaters!).
Papa Gallo staff is committed to observing all proper safety protocol and will be offering completely contact-free online ordering and pickup!

Preordering goes live a least 72hrs in advance at www.streetfoodfinder.com/papagallotacotruck
Order online or on the app (search for SFF or STREETFOODFINDER) found in your app store
Place your order & select a pickup time. Follow the steps to pay and patiently wait for us to arrive!
Once we're up and running in your neighborhood, We will confirm we've received your orders. THEN we will send you a text when your order is ready for pick-up. 
Please wait for the text before coming to the truck so we can help to control social distancing!
Come down to the truck and your bag of hot fresh food will be labeled and ready for you on our socially distant pickup table at the back of our truck!
Safely return home, wash your hands and enjoy your meal!

If you are interested in having our truck in your area, please complete the information below & we will be in touch very soon!
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How do you communicate with your neighbors? (FB, NextDoor, Group texts, Email lists, word of mouth, etc.) *
How many families have showed interest in supporting food trucks? Do you think your neighborhood could meet our minimum of 30 orders? (NOTE: 1 order = a group of 2+) *
Have you hosted trucks before?
Are you currently hosting a series of trucks? If so, which ones have you worked with?
Does your neighborhood have a preferred day? *
Lunch, Dinner, or Either? *
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