2020 Jamaica Volunteer Corps Summer Camp Registration
Hello, or as the Jamaicans say, Wah Gwan! Complete this form if you are interested in attending the 2020 Jamaica Volunteer Corps Summer Camp. The camp will be held at Emmet Park, on campus at St. George's College, and will be held Monday - Friday, from 10 AM - 1 PM, July 6 - August 1. You MUST be a CURRENT HS Student (or older) to participate in this program. The camp is free to attend for our local campers, and is focused on teaching the fundamentals of lacrosse to our current high school boys and girls. We ask all our volunteers to gather any lacrosse equipment (sticks, helmets, pads, shoes, clothes, balls, etc.) they would like to donate and bring it with you to leave behind after your trip. With your donations, we provide NEW campers with necessary equipment to experience the joy and love of the game that we all began with. We welcome you to our team, and look forward to having you join us this summer in Jamaica!
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