2020-21 Grant Application
2020-2021 Grant Application Package
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If you answered Yes to the ability to complete the Project based on partial funding, please provide a brief explanation on how you will raise the additional funds needed.
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Project Purpose: Describe the Describe the area of student achievement you wish to address and give any data that support the purpose. Please include how this grant addresses school/cluster/GCPS goals. Explain the need this proposal will address and how it will improve student learning and performance. *
Project Objective: State measurable objectives in terms of student behavior or performance. Statement of Purpose – Tell us what you hope to achieve. Tell how the project has the potential to significantly impact student learning. How will the project enrich the students learning experience beyond traditional curriculum? *
List activities: Include a Timeline that will be utilized to achieve objectives. Please use bullets or numbers when listing. *
Partners: Identify any school and/or community partners involved in the project and their respective roles. How will the partners add value to the project? *
Sustainability: If funded, how will you continue the program/project in the future? What will be the recurring costs? How will this program/project be funded in the future? *
Are you willing and available to volunteer at this year’s Big T’Do on Saturday, October 24, 2020 from 6:00 – 11:30PM (BONUS - 5 points) *
If the event is not held due to Covid-19 concerns, are you willing to participate or volunteer as needed for virtual fundraising activities? (BONUS - 5 points) *
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Proposed Budget: Please provide budget details including supplies, equipment, contracted services and any other expenses. Be specific. *
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