Customer Discovery Coaching
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Thank you for your interest in setting your business up for success by going through Customer Canvas Coaching.

When we go through the Customer Canvas during your customer discovery phase you will learn to identify the biggest problems your customers have and how they think and feel about the problem so you can position yourself better to give them tangible results they will pay you for.

Not only that, but you will learn invaluable targeting methods to find what your customer likes, their interests and preferences and favorite places to hang out both online and off. This will help you create a customer discovery map that helps you get laser-focused on your marketing efforts without wasting time or money on marketing in places they can't be found.

Lastly, we will analyze your customer costs, the lifetime value they bring to your business and what value you can bring to their lives. This will help you create focused products you know they like and will buy from you.

Please answer as thoroughly as you can so I can better understand your business and how I can help you further.

Looking forward to learning more about you,
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