CrowdDNA Stakeholder Community Group
Crowd DNA is an EU funded project under the FETOPEN-01-2018-2019-2020 FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking (project number 899739).

CrowdDNA is a radically new concept to assist public space operators in the management of crowds, i.e., mass event organisation, heavy pedestrian traffic management, crowd movement analysis and decision support. CrowdDNA technology is based on a new generation of crowd simulation models, which are capable of predicting the dynamics, behaviour and risk factors of crowds of extreme density. The main idea behind CrowdDNA is that analysis of some specific macroscopic features of a crowd, such as its apparent motion (that can be easily measured in real mass events) can reveal a valuable information about the internal structure and provide a precise estimate of a crowd state. This challenges the existing paradigms in the field that rely on simulation technologies and require measuring the simulation variables to initialise it, such as density, counts or individual features which are each difficult to estimate. This vision raises one main scientific challenge, which can be summarised as the need for a deep understanding of the relations between the smallest scales of crowd behaviours (e.g., contact and pushes at the limb scale) and the largest ones up to the entire crowd. CrowdDNA is a first attempt to combine biomechanical and behavioural simulation in complex scenarios of interactions between many humans. It will revolutionise the practices of crowd management to answer the requirements of modern society on safety and comfort at mass events or in crowded transportation facilities. CrowdDNA builds the foundations of new research on crowds, and opens up new opportunities for studies on physical interaction across cognitive sciences and biomechanics, as well as robotics and autonomous vehicles for safe navigation among people.

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The Crowd DNA stakeholder community group includes individuals of various professions that are interested in the research outputs. The stakeholder community group will help us with market interest and further outreach with the research outputs. To become a member of the stakeholder community group, please complete this form. It is free to join and with no obligations.
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