Urban Nutcracker 2018 Auditions
Audition: Sunday, September 9, 2018
Address: Tony Williams Dance Center, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
FAQ: urbannutcracker.com or 617.524.3066
Age groups: ADULT | YOUTH 8-11 | YOUTH 12+
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Adults: I understand that I will take part in a 1.25 hour class, followed by a 15 minute rest/ self warm up, then up to one hour of choreography and technique. I will wear professional audition-wear including tights, leotards, skirts (optional), pointe shoes or dark tights and a slim fit solid color shirt. I understand that I may be asked to stay later, or to come back on another day. *
Youth (all ages): I understand that I will wear a solid color leotard, pink tights and pink shoes with my hair pulled back in a tightly slicked back, professional looking ballet bun. (Or black tights, white shirts and preferably white socks and shoes for a boy auditioning, with hair slicked back away from face or in a headband). I understand that I will have a 30-45 minute class followed by choreography learning. I understand I may be asked to stay later or to leave early. I understand I may be called back for a later audition. *
Youth: I understand that I will be asked to pay $25.00 per child auditioning upon arrival. Cash is preferred with correct change. No checks. *
All: I understand that not all who audition will be cast. If I am a youth dancer, I further understand that my $25 audition fee is non-refundable even if I am not cast. *
All: I understand my casting is according to what is best for the production of Urban Nutcracker at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre. I may be asked to be in one show or all 14 shows, or any number in between and my casting is contingent on my availability. *
All: I understand that my photograph and/or video may be taken at rehearsals and/or my physical measurements in order to provide the casting persons with information as to whether I may be cast in a particular scene based off size/technique. *
New Auditionees: If you have never auditioned for Urban Nutcracker before (and are any age youth to adult) please explain how you heard about us, and a bit about your background.
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